Welcome to Greenleys Junior School
Welcome to Greenleys Junior School
Senior Leadership Team
Teaching Staff
Support Staff

Mr Talbot (Executive Headteacher)

Miss Thurstance (Head of School)

Mrs Freeman ( Deputy Headteacher)

Mr Dunkley (Director of Maths)

Mrs Knight (Director of Reading)

Mrs Weedon (Director of Writing)

Mrs Ransom (Curriculum Development Team)

Mrs McGuire (Director of Well-being and our Extended School lead)

Miss Coles (SENDCo)

Mrs Ellis – Year 3 Teacher (3 days)

Mrs Kobeissi – Year 3 Teacher (2 days)

Mrs McGuire – Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Weedon – Year 4 Teacher (4 days)

Miss Szmak – Year 4 Teacher

Miss Oakes – Year 4 Teacher (am only)

Mrs Tracey – Year 4 Teacher (1 day)

Mrs Knight – Year 5 Teacher

Miss Miah – Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Burke – Year 5 HLTA

Mr Dunkley – Year 6 Teacher

Mrs Ransom – Year 6 Teacher

Mr Drewe – Year 6 Teacher

Mrs Hawes – Year 6 Teacher

Mrs Tracey – PPA Teacher

Mrs Burke – PPA Teacher

Mrs Saunders – Sports Coach

Mrs Garratt (Learning Mentor)

Mrs Burke (HLTA)

Mrs Carney (LSA)
Mrs Weir (LSA)
Mrs Devereux-Jones (LSA)
Miss West LSA
Mrs Kelsey (LSA)
Mrs Marlborough (LSA)
Mrs Perks (LSA)
Mrs Saunders (LSA)

Mr Freshwater (Chef)
Mrs Maw (Chef support)

Mrs Hefferman (Breakfast & MDS)
Miss Hobbs (Breakfast & MDS)
Mrs Roberts (MDS)
Mrs Uddin (MDS)
Mrs Kelsey (MDS)
Miss West (MDS)

Mr Read (Site Manager)
Mrs Elsley (Cleaner)
Miss Richardson (Cleaner)

Mrs Jago (Business Support Manager)

Mrs Sanders (Business Support)

Mrs Kaluza (Business Support)

Mrs Strathearn (Business Support)